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Bait can take from several months to several YEARS to control a colony.  That’s because many bait systems work by “recruitment,” in which termites must first discover a bait station and then recruit sufficient colony members to it as well.  Only then is the termite control product added to the station.  Plus, there’s no guarantee termites heading for or already in your home will find the bait stations at all.  Termidor  starts working Immediately and provides 100% control in three months or less

Termidor and its “Transfer Effect

100% control in three months or less

Bait System and “Recruiting”

Months to year to control a colony

Termidor is applied using traditional time tested techniques that pest control professionals are very knowledgeable and familiar. With Termidor the treated zone starts working immediately

Bait stations- with no control product—are placed around the house at regular intervals control product will not be added to the station until Termites are found in the station

Termidor is undetectable so termites can’t smell, see or feel it as they forage in the treated zone

The station is still waiting for the foraging termites.  No activity is noted so there is no control product added to the station

Termidor allows the termites to continue their routine and remain active long enough to transfer Termidor through mere contact with each other before they die.

During monitoring there is no transfer of  termite control product from one termite to another.  Baits are effective only through ingestion,  which can not begin until activity is found and termite control is added

The transfer of Termidor continues to secondary and tertiary (and their colonies) that have not been exposed to Termidor treated zone

A few worker termites are present in the monitoring station, but not enough to add the control product yet

Success, the termite populations have been controlled in 3 months or less with Termidor

Finally, there are enough termites for the termite control product to be added.  Eventually the termites will eat the bait and recruit other termites to eat it. 

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