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Connolly Pest Management                                                        Phone: 480-964-3555

2550 N. Brimhall Rd                                                                         Fax: 480-833-7140

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Text Box: Gold Service Plan

Guarantees Control of:
Crickets                                                                         American Roaches
Ants                                                                               Silverfish
Spiders                                                                          Wasps
Fleas                                                                              Scorpions
Bees                                                                              20’ foot Exterior Perimeter

Platinum Service Plan


Guarantees Control of:

Crickets                                                                            American Roaches

Ants                                                                                  Silverfish

Spiders                                                                             Wasps 

Fleas                                                                                Scorpions

Bees                                                                                 Ticks

Stored Product Pests                                                        All other crawling insects

And a 30’ foot Exterior Perimeter

Silver Service Plan


Guarantees Control of :

Crickets                                                                        American Roaches

Ants                                                                              Silverfish

Spiders                                                                         10’ foot Exterior Perimeter

For the broadest spectrum pest control anywhere with virtually no hassles.  You need Connolly Pest Management.  Utilizing their preferred Quarterly service programs featuring the most up to date insecticides and methods of control, Connolly Pest Management has a Guaranteed Quarterly service Program to fit your needs. 

Text Box: Weed Control Service

Connolly Pest Management is your answer and final stop for all your weed problems.
Our weed control service include applications of

Pre-emergent herbicides to control a broad spectrum of weeds.

Post-emergent herbicides applied after weeds appear for optimum control.

Construction-site treatment to control weeds on empty lots and common areas.

Other Conditions and Restrictions may apply.  Call the office for further information.

For all your residential and commercial weed problems, call Connolly Pest Management.  We are the Valley’s top Family Owned and operated Pest Management firm.  All of our technicians are experienced and licensed and also use top of the line chemicals to get the job done.

Text Box: Plus Management Program

Let Connolly Pest Management Inspect your new home purchase for Subterranean Termites and Qualify for a free Termite Service Agreement.

Program is for Subterranean Termites only

House must be less than ten (10) years old

Property must be inspected by Connolly Pest Management

Property must be free of Subterranean Termites

All items marked as “Conditions Conducive To Infestation” must be corrected

Customer must Execute a Pest Management Service Agreement For an initial period of one (1) year

Pest Management Service must continue past anniversary date to continue Termite Service Agreement

If Service Frequency is skipped or changed, the Termite Service Agreement may be cancelled and will not be reinstated without complete treatment being performed by Connolly Pest Management. Connolly Pest Management reserves the right to determine this on a case by case basis and will be the final authority.

Other Conditions and Restrictions may apply.  Call the office for further information.  

Text Box: Termite Warranty Program

Termite Warranties:

Connolly Pest Management Subterranean Termite Warranties include the following:


Warranty is re-treatment only

Free Inspections

We would like to inspect at least once a year

State Fees are charged if property is sold or refinanced (less than $20.00)

Free Transfer Of Warranty if property is sold

Re-treatment of any areas where evidence of Subterranean Termites are found

Customer Decides if treatment is needed

Connolly Pest Management will decide the extent of re-treatment

Discounts if customer has service agreements for General Pest Control Services and/or Weed Control Services

Termite Renewal Fees may be “piggy backed” onto Pest Management Service Fees

Other Conditions and Restrictions may apply.  Call the office for further information.