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Text Box: How Dangerous are Scorpions

Although the sting of a scorpion is painful, like a bee sting it is generally not life threatening.† If however you feel scared or threatened by having been stung, Please seek medical attention.† In Arizona there is only one species of scorpion that is potentially dangerous, and that is the bark scorpion Centruroides Exilicauda.† Bark Scorpions Are a maximum of two inches long with a slender body and tail. The pedipalps (first pair of appendages with pincers at the end) are long and slender.† The pinchers are not as greatly swollen at the base, as they are in other species.† Bark Scorpions are a Pail Gold Color and Translucent.

Text Box: What Should I do if I am Stung?

If you Believe you have been stung by a bark scorpion, you should call the Arizona Poison and Drug Information center right away at

1-800-362-0101† or your local poison control center

(602) 253-3334 in Phoenix†††††† (520-626-6016 in Tucson.


Symptoms of a scorpion sting are an initial burning sensation, which patients have described as feeling like the injured limb had been thrust into a fire.† Later numbness and tingling follow, which is Reported to feel like the limb has fallen asleep The elderly and children are particularly susceptible, and should be observed carefully

Text Box: Why Do I Have Scorpions In my House?

Generally Scorpions prefer to be outside rather than indoors, but they may enter houses for a number of reasons.† One common reason is if their feeding ground has been disturbed by some† major changes out side such as construction, or removal of trees, bushes, leaves...etc...

Text Box: How Do I Avoid Being Stung?

Scorpions are normally active at night during the summer months.† Always wear shoes when walking out side at night, and donít touch anything you can not see clearly.† If you feel something crawling on your skin, always brush it away, NEVER SWAT!† Scorpions only sting because they are threatened.†


During the day scorpions seek shelter under loose boards, wood piles, rocks or the bark of trees, but also may hide in man-made objects.† Always look inside your shoes before putting them on in the morning if you are camping shake out sleeping bags and clothes before using them.† It is best to wear gloves when ever working in the yard.† Bark scorpions are more likely to climb than other species, and are commonly found in trees, and on wall and ceilings.

Text Box: How do I Get Rid of Scorpions

Scorpions are naturally part of the environment in Arizona, and actually are beneficial because they catch and eat many insect pests, such as crickets, and cockroaches.† To discourage scorpions you may want to: 1: Remove sites where scorpions can hide, such as rock or woodpiles, loose boards, debris, old tires.† Be sure to wear heavy gloves.† 2. Tighten door and windows seals to keep insects and scorpions outside.† 3. Check for other openings such as vents or holes, and cover or close them.† 4. Have palm trees pruned and pealed regularly to 10-15 feet above the ground.†


If these measures fail and the scorpions pose a serious threat, chemical control may be warranted.† Scorpions can be difficult to control because they† hide during the day.† Common pesticides used for insects generally do not kill scorpions unless sprayed directly onto† the scorpion.† They do not help control scorpion's food supply.† If the food supply is low the scorpions may be enticed to move into greener pastures.†


Scorpions glow at night or in the dark when an ultraviolet light (black light) is shined on them.† This makes it easier to locate the scorpions for direct treatment, removal or squashing.

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